Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket

A man from Nantucket named Pym
Once spotted where peng-u-ins swim
   Some seals he attested
   Were left unmolested,
(At least, that's according to him.)




There once was a man from Green Bay
Who made it a habit each day
   To fondle an udder
   And churn his own butter,
Then go for a nap in the hay.


Crazy in Love

Because I crave to always be with you,
As much as I’d have us each to the other be true,
Please give to me a locket of your hair
From here or there or there…or anywhere……
Or give to me, for sniffing, your underthings
Where most your animal aroma clings.
A crumpled kleenex, gooey and lately used,
Would keep my simple fancy long amused.
A little ball of belly button fluff
Would satisfy my craving more than enough.
Give me the chance to win for you some fame
With poetry by giving me your name!
Give to me something, anything at all
With which to use in a daily ritual.
Give to me something; anything will do,
Because, my love, I’m crazy in love with you.


Staring at the Sun

Though I would gladly still behold the splendor of her beauty,
    Never to look away or hold another sight in view,
I cannot make my eyes perform the too much graceful duty;—
    I cannot make them do what gladly I would have them do.

Though shining radiance such like hers demands my adoration,
    And though I can't but give her this, (and though it's gladly done), 
I must protect my wondering eyes from excess stimulation,
    For they go blind who spend the daytime staring at the sun.